Oakwood Press

In early 2016 we became the owners of Oakwood Press, the renowned railway and transport publisher founded in 1931. We look forward to nurturing this great historic railways and transport imprint and developing it further. Oakwood currently have about 225 titles in print and we hope to bring a number of their titles currently out of stock back into availability. We will also be publishing several new Oakwood titles this year. More information soon!

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Rails through Connemara - The Galway-Clifden Railway

The Mansfield-Southwell-Rolleston Railway

From Hereford to Three Cocks Junction — The Hereford, Hay and B...

The Whitland and Cardigan Railway

The Peak Line - A Pictorial Journey compiled by C. Judge and J. R. Mo...

Northamptonshire Narrow Gauge Railways in the 1960s

The Jedburgh Branch

The Giants Causeway Tramway

The Little Eaton Gangway and Derby Canal

The Bessbrook and Newry Tramway

The Rishworth Branch

The Solway Junction Railway

The Catterick Camp Military Railway and the Richmond Branch

The Ramsey North Branch

The Bristol to Portishead Branch with the Bristol Harbour Railway and...