Stenlake Publishing - Northamptonshire Narrow Gauge Railways in the 1960s

Northamptonshire Narrow Gauge Railways in the 1960s

Author : Sydney A. Leleux
ISBN : 9780853617525
Cover : paperback
Price : £24.95

The author explains how in 1955 when he was 16 years old his family moved from Guildford to Northampton and how at that tender age he had already been ‘a railway enthusiast for a long time’ but predominantly main line. Mugging up on the scant literature on narrow gauge and industrial railways, in 1959 armed with his first camera he set about visiting industrial premises of all sorts. When he started to work he was able to travel to new places by bus or in the boss’s car and would sometimes borrow a bicycle at lunchtime to get to a site. Hence this lovely collection came about comprising mainly of the author’s own photos of the railways at brickworks clay pits, sand & gravel, sewage and cement works and so on. Funny little locomotives working away in seclusion in quirky little local operations. There are also photos of the end of the story with track being lifted and other industrial features such as a canal and an aerial ropeway, making this a very diverse and entertaining book as well as being an awesome photographic record of the workings on these little railways.

Northamptonshire Narrow Gauge Railways in the 1960s

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