Stenlake Publishing - The Whitland & Cardigan Railway

The Whitland and Cardigan Railway

Author : M.R.C. Price
ISBN : 9780853617518
Cover : paperback
Price : £17.95

The ‘Cardi-Bach’, the Whitland and Cardigan Railway, was a well-loved lifeline and a means to prosperity for local industry. As the author describes it ‘the line remained rather special to all those who knew it. Joining the train at Whitland there was an air of excitement the line’s last days.’ And he recounts with joy a ride from Cardigan on the footplate by a generous engine driver who cheerfully disregarded officialdom. First published in 1976 this is the third edition, substantially the same as the previous editions apart from the final chapter ‘Postscript’ and includes 107 illustrations, either photographs or maps. The other fourteen chapters tell the story from the early origins of the line, the building and its early years, takeover by the Great Western then the familiar story of Nationalisation, decline and closure. Yet the shost of the line lives on in the name of a local Welsh language newsheet and a local society of railway modellers.

The Whitland and Cardigan Railway

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