Stenlake Publishing - The Scottish Central Railway – Perth to Stirling

The Scottish Central Railway - Perth to Stirling

Author : Peter Marshall
ISBN : 9780853615224
Cover : hardback
Price : £19.95

The Scottish Central Railway was opened in 1848 as part of the Scottish railway system being established during the years of the ‘Railway Mania’. It was proposed as an essential part of the West Coast route from London to Aberdeen, which made it a target for larger neighbours as they fought to dominate Central Scotland. Essentially a locally promoted line less than 50 miles long, the Scottish Central became the centre of many hard fought battles. One, between the Caledonian and the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway companies, and so between Scottish and English shareholders, saw the Caley take the line over in 1865.

Another battle was fought over the South Inch in Perth. As four separate companies approached the city a dispute emerged over the location of the station there, with personalities such as the Lord Provost of Perth opposing a site on the public space.

Concentrating on the early years, this book covers the promotion, construction and operation of the company. Later years of the Grampian Corridor to Aberdeen and steam’s finale, the three hour express trains of the 1960s, are also featured. The company’s works, rolling stock, the influence of Alexander Allan and the relationships with its branches and neighbouring line (both major and minor) are covered.

A5 format, 248 pages, more than 120 illustrations.

The Scottish Central Railway - Perth to Stirling

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