Stenlake Publishing - Saga by Rail: Ireland

Saga by Rail: Ireland

Author : J. I. C. Boyd
ISBN : 9780853616511
Cover : paperback
Price : £16.95

James Boyd’s love of Irish railways began in the 1930s. These are his reminiscences of his visits. He concentrated his attention on the narrow gauge railway systems, but did not neglect the main 5 ft 3 in. lines which he came across. Little of the subject matter of this book can be experienced today; accordingly, these accounts have taken on a historical significance. As time has gone by his knowledge of those early subjects has been enhanced by later fact-finding – this extra material has been incorporated into the text to give it more substance. Readers who expect to find some gems of research herein will be disappointed but to counter this there will be others who will read this with a certain amount of envy.

James Boyd writes: ‘I am often asked to set down something about my lifetime’s interest in railways; it is a reminder of my age and of opportunities which some people wish they could have experienced themselves. Herein I bow to their wishes. It must be understood that I had no conception that in later life notes begun when I was a teenager would be interesting to many today. Similarly, that photographs taken with a simple camera might become a rarity. Some things I saw I did not fully appreciate in the first occasion. My field notes and drawings began in 1933 and were made in a rather expensive sketch book from Reeves which I obtained through the school art room so that it might appear under ‘Extras’ on my father’s termly bill rather than deplete my pocket money. I soon learnt that a Woolworth’s penny note pad was sufficient for the rough and tumble of rucksack, bicycle bag and railway environment.!’

A5 format, 288 pages, 295 illustrations.

Saga by Rail: Ireland

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