Stenlake Publishing - Saga by Rail: Great Britain and the Isle of Man

Saga by Rail: Great Britain and the Isle of Man

Author : J. I. C. Boyd
ISBN : 9780853616634
Cover : paperback
Price : £14.95

The second volume of James Boyd’s reminiscences of his life-long enthusiasm for railways is told in his own inimitable style. The earliest of these stories dates back as far as the 1930s. Most railway enthusiasts of the day were drawn towards the impressive standard gauge steam-hauled expresses of Britain’s major railways. Fortunately for us, Mr Boyd’s tastes were rather more eclectic and obscure and so in this volume we discover the delights of such interesting and diverse systems as Altrincham Gas Works, Eaton Hall, Manchester Ship Canal, Snailbeach District, Woodhead Reservoirs and Whittingham Hospital railways.

Those familiar with Mr Boyd’s narrow gauge railway history books will be unsurprised to see tales of travels to the Corris Railway, Welshpool & Llanfair Railway and the Isle of Man, and of experiences in the early days of railway preservation in Wales. Mr Boyd also turned his attention towards some standard gauge lines – predominantly in north-west England and the Welsh borders. The author was sent to school for a time to Bryanston in Dorset in the 1930s. Being shown how to drive a Somerset & Dorset Joint Line 2-8-0 while on shunting duties at Blandford turned out to be not just a memorable moment but a life-changing experience. These are evocative stories of a bygone age.

A5 format, 192 pages, 230 illustrations.

Saga by Rail: Great Britain and the Isle of Man

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