Stenlake Publishing - The Railways of Stourbridge

The Railways of Stourbridge

Author : Clive Butcher
ISBN : 9780853615330
Cover : paperback
Price : £19.95

The Railways of Stourbridge is a detailed history which recalls the sequence of events which ultimately led to today’s railway operation in the area. The book places heavy emphasis on the 19th and 20th centuries and fully utilises contemporary material, especially local newspaper reports to provide the reader with a flavour of the period and an understanding of the thinking at the time. This though does not mean that the railway operation itself has been ignored; quite the contrary in fact. The freight and passenger services in the area, from the earliest days to the present, together with the associated motive power, have been covered at length. The reminiscences and experiences of local railwaymen bring to the text a personal touch of men who actually worked at Stourbridge depot and operated services.

The book also covers the private tramways and mineral railways which fed much lucrative business into the main line operation and the railway schemes proposed but never constructed – and very grand some of these schemes were.

A5 format, 256 pages, over 220 illustrations.

The Railways of Stourbridge

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