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The Isle of Wight Central Railway

Author : R. J. Maycock & R. Silsbury
ISBN : 9780853615736
Cover : hardback
Price : £22.95

This book tells the story of the island’s largest pre-Grouping railway company. The Isle of Wight Central Railway was formed when three companies amalgamated in 1887. The new company combined the Cowes & Newport Railway (opened in 1862), the Isle of Wight (Newport Junction) Railway (opened in 1875) and the Ryde & Newport Railway (opened from Ryde to a joint station with the Cowes & Newport Railway at Newport in 1875).

A later addition to the Isle of Wight Central empire was the Newport, Godshill and St Lawrence Railway (opened to St Lawrence in 1897 and to Ventnor Town in 1900). The Isle of Wight Central operated this line until 1913; it was then bought by the Central.

After nationalisation the IWC lines were starved of investment. The Merstone to Ventnor and Sandown to Newport lines closed during the 1950s; the Cowes-Newport-Ryde line soldiered on until 1966. The Isle of Wight Steam Railway has since re-opened the section of railway between Smallbrook Junction (where there is a station on the Ryde to Shanklin line) to Havenstreet and Wootton.

A5 format, 288 pages, more than 180 illustrations.

The Isle of Wight Central Railway

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