Stenlake Publishing - The GWR at Stourbridge and The Black Country – The Life, The Times, The Men – Volume One

The GWR at Stourbridge and The Black Country - The Life, The Times, The Men - Volume One

Author : Clive Butcher
ISBN : 9780853616276
Cover : paperback
Price : £14.95

In the five years since the publication of the author’s previous book, Railways of Stourbridge, he discovered the whereabouts of Stourbridge shed’s local departmental committee minutes. He has also been fortunate enough to make the acquaintance of a number of ex-Stourbridge drivers and firemen, amongst them Ray Kendrick whose collaboration and co-operation has been a major influence upon the content of this latest work. With Ray’s help, and the help of other ex-Stourbridge railwaymen, he has been able to include material that is only available from talking to, and corresponding with, those who were there ‘in the know’. This information take the form of both personal commentaries as well as details that usually cannot be found in the archives or in other published material. The coverage of all sorts of events and incidents by local papers has also provided a great deal of important and interesting material.

The author has endeavoured to record as much as possible about the railwaymen themselves, much of it gleaned from these early editions, but even more has come directly from ‘the horse’s mouth’. Not only do these contributions reflect life on the footplate, but also the work of other grades whose work is so often ignored: the station master, booking clerk, goods clerk, shunter, goods guard, and engine fitter.

Operational and technical elements have of course not been ignored and this book takes a close look at all installations and facilities within an area bordered by and including Stourbridge Junction, Dudley, Langley Green and Halesowen; in fact all of those yards where Stourbridge men spent their working lives. This sequel therefore represents a broad mix of personal reminiscences, historical developments and operational and technical detail. It is a body of diverse material whit it is hoped will be considered a worthy companion to its predecessor. Volume One looks at the life of the railway at Stourbridge Junction and town stations, the marshalling yards at Stourbridge Junction and other yards in the area. There is a chapter dedicated to the Halesowen branch, followed by reminiscences of a relief station master in the Black Country. The book concludes with a look at how the the national rail strikes of 1911, 1919 and 1924 affected Stourbridge.

A5 format, 232 pages, more than 140 illustrations.

The GWR at Stourbridge and The Black Country - The Life, The Times, The Men - Volume One

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