Stenlake Publishing - Caersws – The Cambrian Railway Village

Caersws - The Cambrian Railway Village

Author : Brian Poole
ISBN : 9780853617228
Cover : paperback
Price : £16.95

Brian Poole tells the story of the railway community of Caersws and Moat Lane. He has collected information and illustrations from many local people, with the aim of recording the social and economic effect of the railway in the area so that local people would have a record of what was once a very important source of employment. Brian’s proximity to the community that he writes about enables him to really bring the story to life.

The Bridge Department at Caersws was very important, maintaining civil engineering structures over a large part of Mid-Wales. Three generations of local men starting from 1895 developed skills in every facet of both the inspection and maintenance of bridges, sea walls and tunnels within the Cambrian Railways and with the extra territory added by the GWR. They also constructed replacement bridges and assisted contractors.

The area receives a high rainfall so the challenge was to maintain a range of bridges and culverts throughout the system where prolonged rain would quickly turn a quiet stream into a torrent. One chapter looks at Caersws men’s work Friog Rocks on the Cambrian Coast line and Barmouth Bridge. The families of local railwaymen and women have gone to enormous lengths to help with this book.

A5 format, 224 pages, 254 images.

Caersws - The Cambrian Railway Village

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