Stenlake Publishing - RMS TITANIC – The First Violin

RMS TITANIC - the First Violin

Author : Yvonne Hume
ISBN : 9781840335217
Cover : hardback
Price : £14.95

According to survivor testimony, the band played on as the Titanic sank and the musicians went down in folklore as heroes. This book tells the story of John (Jock) Hume, the youngest band member and 'The First Violin'. Beginning before the disaster with the circumstances that put him on board, it follows his story through the sinking, then picks up the tale of the bitter court battles that followed after as the mother of Jock's unborn child fought for financial help. The fascinating tale of how a talented young musician found himself inextricably linked with the fate of history's most famous, most luxurious and most tragic ship is told by his descendant Yvonne Hume from family papers and contemporary photographs.

RMS TITANIC - the First Violin

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