Stenlake Publishing - Tony Birks-Hay – A Passion for Paint

Tony Birks-Hay

Author : Tony Birks-Hay with an introduction by Jane Waller
ISBN : 9781840334814
Cover : paperback
Price : £18.95

Tony Birks-Hay has been described as an artist whose ‘approach is uncompromising’ and who has ‘a completely natural sensitivity to shape and form’, Tony’s early career spanned the second half of the twentieth century and his art has continued to grow in maturity and clarity of interpretation well into the twenty-first. Enclosed within the covers of this sumptuous volume are examples from all stages of his artistic life displaying mastery of a wide range of media. Simple pencil portraits, dramatic bronze and marble sculpture and vibrant, tactile oils stand as testament to the dedication and versatility of a memorable talent.

Tony Birks-Hay

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