Stenlake Publishing - Old Almondbank, Methven and Glenalmond

Old Almondbank, Methven and Glenalmond

Author : P. J. G. Ransom
ISBN : 9781840335040
Cover : paperback
Price : £7.99

The general area featured in this book lies at the geographical heart of Scotland, northwest of Perth just south of the Highland line. The swift flowing River Almond lent itself to industrial uses and the region became known for textile finishing, initially linen bleachfields, then later cotton also as chemical bleaching was developed. The industry reached its height in the early 1900s and only very gradually declined from then with the last bleachworks closing in 1996. The photographs in this collection focus upon life in the first three decades of the twentieth century and portray a fairly prosperous cluster of villages, well served by rail links and incorporating a scattering of larger more impressive dwellings and castles.

Old Almondbank, Methven and Glenalmond

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