Stenlake Publishing - Railways to New Holland and the Humber Ferries

Railways to New Holland and the Humber Ferries

Author : A. J. Ludlam
ISBN : 9780853614944
Cover : paperback
Price : £15.95

Originally published in 1996, this is a reprint of a Lincolnshire title that has been unavailable for many moons. It deals with the route from Barton via New Holland Pier to Immingham and also covers related lines and ferry services. The first chapter deals with the Humber ferries, the first being operated in 1807. As the service grew, the emergent railway companies sought to control the crossing and hence access to Hull and bought the ferry, which continued to operate until the Humber Bridge opened. In the late 1840s, it was decided to establish New Holland as the terminal of a branch from the main line between Grimsby and Gainsborough. Chapter Three of the book describes the development of New Holland, Railway Colony. Chapter six is an account of the new (opened 1912) port of Immingham. Chapter seven, entitled ‘The Modern Ferry Service’, is about the period from 1910 to the 1940s, while chapter eight, ‘New Developments’, centres on the matters considered in the 1960s when the fleet needed replacing. Ideas for a tunnel or a bridge were reactivated, although they had been first talked about almost a hundred years before.

104 pages, 141 illustrations

Railways to New Holland and the Humber Ferries

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