Stenlake Publishing - Aberdeen by Tram <i> in photographs by ENC Haywood </i>

Aberdeen by Tram in photographs by ENC Haywood

Author : Stenlake Publishing
ISBN : 9781840339697
Cover : paperback
Price : £12.95

Using previously unpublished photographs by the late ENC Haywood, this new book celebrates his love of trams and the city of Aberdeen, which he visited at least once a year to visit relatives. On his journeys between his native Nottingham and Aberdeen in the late 1940sa, 50s and 60s, he photographed the UK’s surviving tram networks, railways and other industries. Aberdeen trams were close to his heart, perhaps because the city had purchased many of Nottingham’s trams when its network closed in 1936. Aberdeen’s trams stopped running in 1958. Mr Heywood wa a proficient photographer who understood good composition. Although he was interested in trams, his photographs feature plenty of background, so the book works in its own right as a collection of beautifully taken street scenes of Aberdeen’s city centre and outlying districts at this time.

48 pages; 53 illustrations in colour and black & white

Aberdeen by Tram in photographs by ENC Haywood

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