Stenlake Publishing - The Kingsbridge Branch – The Primrose Line

The Kingsbridge Branch – The Primrose Line

Author : Ken Williams & Dermot Reynolds
ISBN : 9780853614937
Cover : paperback
Price : £20.95

The book was first published in 1977 by the Oxford Publishing Co., then revised for a 1997 edition by The Oakwood Press, which has been unavailable for many years and is now reprinted. The book is concerned with the part of Devonshire (Glorious Devon) known as the South Hams, the history of which is briefly told in Chapter One. Chapter Two is an account of the railway’s beginnings, a false start and the construction of the Kingsbridge and Salcombe Railway, which would join the GWR main line at Brent station. Chapter Three deals with the 1897 opening, and Chapter Four describes the line. Other chapters are Branch Traffic and Operations, Boats and Buses, The Running of the Station, and (inevitably) The Final Years. Chapter Nine, unusually for an Oakwood Press book, features Characters and Reminiscences. Chapter Ten is the slightly forlorn Epilogue, a description of the remnants of the lint just prior to the publication of the 1997 edition.

144 pages, 120 illustrations (photographs, maps, diagrams)

The Kingsbridge Branch – The Primrose Line

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