Stenlake Publishing - The Severn Bridge Railway

The Severn Bridge Railway

Author : Colin G. Maggs
ISBN : 9780853617693
Cover : paperback
Price : £24.95

This railway was conceived as a link between England and South Wales, principally to move coal, but was soon superseded by the Severn Tunnel, so it was relegated to being a secondary route. It had the potential to be a gold mine, but various factors and events outside the company’s control and some lousy luck rendered it unprofitable. This heroic failure was, however, very photogenic, and the book includes some spectacular images. In typical Oakwood fashion, there are twelve chapters which deal with the line’s origins, building, opening, the subsequent history and then the beginning of the end and the end itself. There are also chapters on locomotives, coaches, a description of the line, timetables, signalling, and more recent developments, including the Vale of Berkely Railway, formed in 2015 and the Canal and River Trust’s plans for Sharpness. Five appendices deal with locomotives, accounts, etc.

The Severn Bridge Railway

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