Stenlake Publishing - Greenock Then and Now

Greenock Then and Now

Author : Bill Clark
ISBN : 9781840339659
Cover : paperback
Price : £12.95

From medieval origins as a safe anchorage and a fishing village, in the early 18th century, a harbour was created at Greenock, and it grew into a major customs port and industrial town. Shipbuilding started in 1711, and the town eventually had fourteen sugar refineries as well as various other industries. The second half of the 20th century especially saw Greenock losing much of its industry and, consequently, many of its buildings. Whole areas have been obliterated, but sometimes, an old landmark or a tenement survives. The dry dock shown on the book’s front cover is now a car park! So, the poor author has faced a few challenges in locating some of the exact spots of the old photos we have selected for him to include, but he has done a magnificent job taking present-day images. He has also written instructive captions that explain the changes that have taken place between the then and the now that will help Greenock residents better understand the town’s history and heritage.

Greenock Then and Now

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