Stenlake Publishing - Old Bankfoot and Waterloo

Old Bankfoot and Waterloo

Author : David Pettigrew
ISBN : 9781840339468
Cover : paperback
Price : £11.95

Bankfoot dates from about 1815, as do the houses named after the then-recent Battle of Waterloo. The village lies on an old coach road and, in the 19th century, acquired a post office, an inn and a large linen works, which was a significant employer. As things have come and gone, Bankfoot’s population has fluctuated, but today it has settled down as a quiet dormitory town for the nearby city of Perth. In this illustrated history in the typical Stenlake old towns style, extended captions accompany historic photographs to weave the story of development together in an informative fashion. The front cover image features the church, burnt out in 2004 and now a roofless ruin. The New Inn, visited by Queen Victoria, is included, as are several railway images, the school and many of the streets.

Old Bankfoot and Waterloo

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