Stenlake Publishing - Pinfire Pistols, Revolvers and Ammunition Handbook

Pinfire Pistols, Revolvers and Ammunition Handbook

Author : Steve Jordan
ISBN : 9780853617679
Cover : paperback
Price : £16.95

The 1845 patent for a breech-loading pistol using a self-contained cartridge overnight rendered the cap and ball system obsolete, and from then until the 1890s, the pinfire pistol had much of the European handgun trade. North America went with other ammunition designs, but when the American Civil War created a desperate need for weapons, both sides imported thousands of pinfire pistols.

The book comprises six chapters, with the first explaining the pinfire system and the second detailing and illustrating country by country the proof marks found on pinfire revolvers. The third chapter looks at European pinfire manufacturers and patent holders, while chapter four deals with the evolution of the pinfire cartridge. The last two chapters deal with European and US pinfire ammunition manufacturers. An appendix covers other Eibar gunsmiths. The book is copiously illustrated throughout to aid identification.

160 pages with more than 200 photographs.

Pinfire Pistols, Revolvers and Ammunition Handbook

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