Stenlake Publishing - The Maryport & Carlisle Railway

The Maryport & Carlisle Railway

Author : Robert Western
ISBN : 9780853617686
Cover : paperback
Price : £16.95

The Maryport & Carlisle Railway was an early player in the railway network and was built to serve the Cumbrian coal mining industry, connecting it with the national railway network to the east and the shipping trade to Ireland from Maryport. Passenger traffic became more important as time went on. The company suffered form the usual problems of over-optimism about the financial returns and lack of experience. Still, it remained independent until the 1923 Grouping, except for an unfortunate spell in the ownership of George Hudson in the 1840s. The book is typically Oakwood by a veteran Oakwood author of many titles, so the usual components are present, namely chapters on the origin and beginnings of the company, the difficulties of the 1840s, and the subsequent operational and other improvements. The ‘final years’ end the narrative chapters. This is followed by a description of the line and a chapter on the locomotives and rolling stock. The appendices include a timeline of the opening sequence, locomotive superintendents, and opening and closure dates to passengers. The book is much illustrated with maps, diagrams, timetables, Acts, photographs, advertising brochure covers, etc.

The Maryport & Carlisle Railway

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