Stenlake Publishing - Newton Mearns Then and Now

Newton Mearns Then and Now

Author : David Pettigrew
ISBN : 9781840339178
Cover : paperback
Price : £12.95

In the early 1800s Mearns was a hamlet with an inn on the road from Glasgow to Ayr. The area was essentially rural except for a bleaching works. One hundred years on, in the Edwardian era, Newton Mearns had become a village. House-building in the area started on a large scale in the 1920s and by the 1950s the population had swelled to six thousand. The old village was not what the incomers wanted and by the 1960s it was becoming derelict. In the 1970s it was razed to make way for a large shopping centre and, as the song goes, a parking lot. Page 40 shows a group of children posing on the Barrhead Road, their houses in the background. Today they would be mown down by Asda-related traffic! The author had some major challenges in trying to identify the exact locations to take the modern-day photographs to match up with the old ones as in many cases all trace of the old had gone and he had to work with map evidence. One example of this is the site of the 1743 Secession Church which was roughly where Waterstones in now located in the Avenue shopping mall!

Newton Mearns Then and Now

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