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Scotlands West Coast Fishing Industry

Author : Guthrie Hutton
ISBN : 9781840338980
Cover : paperback
Price : £10.95

Although Scotland’s east coast is more associated with the fishing industry in peoples’ minds than the west coast, the latter’s coastline with its numerous inlets and islands is longer and the west has a rich fishing history of its own. Some of its ports, like Ayr, count amongst Scotland’s oldest burghs while others such as Ullapool, Campbeltown and Mallaig came into being much later. West coast fishing mainly was for herring, but this was seasonal so cod, ling haddock, halibut, crabs, lobsters, salmon and sea trout were also caught using a variety of techniques at sea and at its edge. Geographically the book covers from Annan in the Solway to Ullapool via the Ayrshire and Argyll coasts and the islands including Arran, Bite, Lewis and Barra. Long detailed captions accompany the photographs.

Scotlands West Coast Fishing Industry

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