Stenlake Publishing - Around Doune and Deanston

Around Doune and Deanston

Author : Karen Ross
ISBN : 9781840338645
Cover : paperback
Price : £20.95

With a foreword by John Doune, 21st Earle of Moray, this is a new edition of the book published by Tempus in 2002. The text has been completely revised to take into account recent discoveries, especially those relating to the Roman period. Plus there is new material that has been added to the book which follows the sequence of the old edition with sections on the castle, the Romans, the railway, the famous and expensive Doune Pistols, the Crofts as well as material on Doune village and some of the large houses and other sites of interest in the vicinity. The nearby planned village of Deanston and its cotton mill are featured in a separate 12 page section.

Around Doune and Deanston

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