Stenlake Publishing - Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s Italy

Charles Rennie Mackintoshs Italy

Author : George Rawson
ISBN : 9781840338782
Cover : paperback
Price : £15.95

In 1890 the 22 year old Charles Rennie Mackintosh won the Alexander Thomson Travelling Studentship which enabled young architects to make a three-month tour to study Ancient Classic Architecture. Mackintosh’s chosen tour of Italy is one of the best-documented periods of his career in terms of primary sources as he kept a diary which forms the basis of the book’s narrative. CRM landed at Naples on 5th April 1891 and after a week there and a brief visit to Sicily he worked his way up Italy, ending his tour at Pavia that July. This new book is illustrated with his drawings, sketches, watercolours from the tour as well as contemporary photographs. It includes a full listing of the 200 or so CRM sketches etc. from the tour. The author was librarian at Mackintosh’s lost masterpiece the Glasgow School of Art from 1977 until 2006.

Charles Rennie Mackintoshs Italy

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