Stenlake Publishing - Smitten By Gold! <i>The Highs and Lows of Amateur Gold Panning</i>

Smitten By Gold! The Highs and Lows of Amateur Gold Panning

Author : Alan C. Souter
ISBN : 9781840338799
Cover : paperback
Price : £13.95

This describes the thrill, the joy and the dangers of gold-panning, the triumph of finding gold, and how a moment’s carelessness can allow it to be lost. If you’ve ever been tempted to get into the great outdoors and try your hand at panning for gold this book will give you an insight into what to expect. It’s a bit of how to, how not to and it’s also an account of the author’s and various gold seekers’ experiences containing many golden anecdotes from panning here and abroad. This book will get you started if you’re a novice and yet to find your first gold but we cannot be held responsible for you getting gold fever to the extent your partner complains about you speaking of nothing else. As the author admits ‘looking for gold is...addictive’. Though early prospectors were driven by the possibility of quick riches, looking for gold is not about its monetary value, but the thrill of the chase and the buzz of ’just finding the gold’. If you want to lose your life to gold fever, start here…

Smitten By Gold! The Highs and Lows of Amateur Gold Panning

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