Stenlake Publishing - R. P. Phillimore’s East Lothian

R. P. Phillimores East Lothian

Author : Jan Bondeson
ISBN : 9781840338812
Cover : paperback
Price : £12.95

In 1901 an unhappy schoolmaster, Reginald P Phillimore, was rescued by a legacy of money plus a house and school in North Berwick. Relocating from England he became a postcard artist and publisher producing cards by his own hand in gentle colours annotated with historical notes. His arrival on the postcard scene coincided with a great boom in that industry which he rode successfully, publishing over 600 designs between 1902 and the Great War. Although he roamed far and wide the Bass Rock and the other iconic structures of East Lothian always drew him back and his designs were clearly a great commercial success in his own backyard. This book reproduces many of his East Lothian views together with biographical notes about the man and the subject matter depicted.

R. P. Phillimores East Lothian

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