Stenlake Publishing - Power of Scotland: The Nation’s Generation Stations

Power of Scotland: The Nations Generation Stations

Author : Guthrie Hutton
ISBN : 9781840338522
Cover : paperback
Price : £11.95

Most people take electricity for granted and we completely rely on it to light and heat our houses and to keep our must-have devices working, but the industry that produces all this started with the Electric Lighting Act of 1882. The development of electricity supply was inevitably a bit chaotic until in 1926 government intervened to standardise and introduce a national grid. Originally all power stations were coal-fired but especially in Scotland there was a large move to hydroelectricity using the commodity of rain we have in plenty. And then there was nuclear power, once seen as an ideal source of long-term cheap power but now out of favour. This book is an illustrated history of the electricity generation industry in Scotland and is entirely comprised of photographs of power stations and their kit and all accompanied by industrial historian Guthrie Hutton’s detailed captions. We were going to call this Scottish Power, but somebody else beat us to that name but you can adapt the text the tune of a well-know song instead…

Power of Scotland: The Nations Generation Stations

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