Stenlake Publishing - The North Berwick and Gullane Branch Lines

The North Berwick and Gullane Branch Lines

Author : Andrew M. Hajducki
ISBN : 9780853615521
Cover : paperback
Price : £27.50

The branch lines which served the golfing and seaside resorts of East Lothian were only a handful of miles apart and were intended to join up with each other, but this was not to be and they went on to have disjointed histories. The original branch, four miles from the North British Railway main line at Drem, had the greater staying power when North Berwick became one of the most fashionable places on the east coast. A bankrupt government in the post-Beeching era virtually killed it off until more enlightened management ensured a renaissance of the line. Today the railway to North Berwick survives and flourishes as one of the few remaining rural branch lines in Scotland, unlike the Aberlady and Gullane line. This beautiful route fell foul of competition from from the motor bus and the private car and closed in the 1960s.

The first edition of this book was published more than 25 years ago and has long been out of print. This second edition is substantially revised with new chapters to bring the story up to date and with new illustrations of this stretch of coastline and its little railways.

The North Berwick and Gullane Branch Lines

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