Stenlake Publishing - The Old Isle of Skye

The Old Isle of Skye

Author : Guthrie Hutton
ISBN : 9781840338454
Cover : paperback
Price : £11.95

The Isle of Skye has been the subject of many books of old photographs of this type from various publishers, including ourselves. Hence why we have used one of our best authors and married him to a selection of unusual photographs which in the main have not been seen before. Some are from super-rare postcards and some are private photographs so this selection should satisfy the locals as well as visitors and they will all learn something new from an author who has that unusual ability to make new observations. If reports can be believed the summer experience on Skye today is of being trampled underfoot by your fellow tourists, but the photos here show an island, still magic, but more remote and less visited with cars strapped or perched precariously on ferries the size of rowing boats, gipsies camping by Loch Slapin when they scratched a living doing seasonal work, peat-cutting, the hard reality of crofting 100 years ago and the less formal nature of the budget visitor experience in times gone by.

The Old Isle of Skye

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