Stenlake Publishing - The Whitby-Loftus Line

The Whitby-Loftus Line

Author : Michael A. Williams
ISBN : 9780853615422
Cover : paperback
Price : £19.95

The Whitby-Loftus line cost over £50 million to build in today’s money, but it never paid its way and so only lasted 75 years. It did, however, offer the most scenic, spectacular and romantic railway journey in the north of England traveling over viaducts, through tunnels and along precipitous cliffs giving panoramic views of the sea, sand, valleys, bays, abbeys, castles, woods and the occasional shipwreck. In standard Oakwood format this book has been researched entirely from primary sources and is profusely illustrated with maps, diagrams and photographs.

The Whitby-Loftus Line

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