Stenlake Publishing - Montgomery’s Buses: An Empire of Independents

Montgomerys Buses: An Empire of Independents

Author : Brian Poole
ISBN : 9780853616948
Cover : paperback
Price : £15.95

Montgomeryshire is now part of the county of Powys. It is the very low density of population throughout this upland area that has always caused and continues to pose different problems. It was and remains a county of small businesses heavily dependent on service, agriculture, forestry and quarry extraction with tourism becoming increasingly important.

The author started by interviewing Bill Cross who was a young fitter when Mid-Wales Motorways was created in 1937. Brian quickly realised that there was a very big story hidden within the families of the Montgomeryshire bus and coach industry. Many local people have spent time with the author recounting their careers and memories of the passenger road transport industry and gone to great efforts to find old documents and photographs enabling him to complete this work.

It is hoped that Montgomery’s Buses will not only be a valued local history, but will also have a much wider readership with those who are interested in the bus and coach industry more generally. ‘Bysiau bach cefn gwlad Maldwyn’ or Montgomeryshire rural buses has a different perspective from the counties dominated by one of the large provincial companies. Mid-Wales Motorways was the largest operator for many years but it is just one of many independent companies that served the people of Montgomeryshire. Brian has traced the story of bus services in the county from the earliest times through to the present day and the recent demise of the postbus services to some of the more remote villages in the county.

A5 format, 256 pages, 340 illustrations.

Montgomerys Buses: An Empire of Independents

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