Stenlake Publishing - Exploring Dumfries & Galloway’s Lost Railway Heritage – A Walker’s Guide

Exploring Dumfries & Galloways Lost Railway Heritage - A Walkers Guide

Author : Alasdair Wham
ISBN : 9780853610830
Cover : paperback
Price : £16.00

The railway era arrived in Dumfries and Galloway when the Caledonian Railway built what became the West Coast Main Line through Annandale and the Glasgow and South Western Railway went through the Nith Valley and Ayrshire, both lines becoming vital routes linking Scotland with England. A branch network off these subsequently developed including the important route to Ireland the Port Road which started at Dumfries and terminated at Stranraer Harbour. The Girvan and Portpatrick Railway provided another link between Ayrshire and Galloway, joining the Port Road east of Stranraer. In their heyday numerous small branch lines served communities large and small, but in the 1960s the Beeching cuts reduced the network back to its two original components, the main lines. In this book Alasdair Wham explores the heritage left behind, tracing disused trackbeds and long-closed stations, all the while telling the stories and the history behind these relics. Sections that can still be done on foot are featured in a series of walks with grid references, length, type of terrain etc. The Book includes maps of the railway system as well as historic and modern photographs showing how things were and how they are today.

Exploring Dumfries & Galloways Lost Railway Heritage - A Walkers Guide

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