Stenlake Publishing - Wheel Specifications for the Modeller

Wheel Specifications for the Modeller

Author : Mike Sharman
ISBN : 9780853611219
Cover : paperback
Price : £10.95

Mike Sharman’s beautifully engineered locomotives and rolling stock, performing impeccably on trackworks of intriguing complexity, have inspired modellers for decades. Similarly his books have taught them valuable practical techniques. The ‘Wheels’ book filled a particular gap, in that Mike had painstakingly researched and compiled an extensive range of fundamental basic information in a handy and relevant form. It saved a lot of people a lot of work, and it has been too long out of print. Mike is a past-President of the Scalefour Society, so it is fitting that a member of this Society worked to digitalise the material, so that a new edition can now be offered. It has benefited from examination by specialists of the various railway Line Societies, and minor amendments incorporated. Whilst the shape of the book is slightly changed, the familiar tables and text are essentially unaltered and remain a tribute to Mike, a tribute which the Scalefour Society is delighted to have facilitated. May it inspire more modellers and models. John Chambers, Chairman, The Scalefour Society.

Wheel Specifications for the Modeller

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