Stenlake Publishing - Trams and Buses of Poole

Trams and Buses of Poole

Author : C. G. Roberts & B. L. Jackson
ISBN : 9780853615729
Cover : paperback
Price : £13.95

A detailed account of both tram and bus services in the Poole area over the past hundred years from the formation f the Poole & District Electric Traction Company to the modern vehicles in the Wilts & Dorset fleet. The take-over of the Poole Tramways by Bournemouth Corporation after only four years of operation is fully explained, as is the difficult relationship between the councils of both boroughs. The activities and technical details of the trams and tramway are fully described as are the events leading up to their replacement with motor buses. The arrival and rapid expansion of Hants & Dorset and their turbulent relationship with other local bus operators, principally Poole & District Motor Services and Miss Foott’s Rossmore Bus Company, as are details of many interesting motor buses between 1899 and 2001, and bus operations across the Sandbanks chain ferry. This work gives a vivid account of bus operation in peace and war and the changing scene of the past 50 years, the subsequent privatisation of the bus industry and the events facing the new Wilts & Dorset Company as successors to the old Hants and Dorset in retaining their position against predators.

This is the first time a complete omnibus history of the Poole area has been published. It highlights the social changes that have taken place as Poole has been reincarnated to take its place in the 21st century.

A5 format, 208 pages, more than 180 illustrations.

Trams and Buses of Poole

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