Stenlake Publishing - Sir William Stanier – A New Biography

Sir William Stanier - A New Biography

Author : John Chacksfield
ISBN : 9780853615767
Cover : paperback
Price : £11.95

Sir William Stanier has had many books written about his locomotives plus two previous biographical accounts of his engineering career in the railway sphere.

This new biography has become possible largely by the unearthing of material (some of it collected by Sir William and his immediate family) previously unused, which has enabled the author to include many personal anecdotes of an illustrious career and the associated family life. This has permitted a deeper insight into his dealings with his many professional and civic responsibilities and with those close to him. The unique feature which enabled some personal quotes of Sir William to be used in the 21st century was the receipt of a tape-recording, made in 1962, of an interview with H.A.V. Bulleid. Without all this some of Stanier’s dealings with specific matters could not have been covered in such detail. Also, much of Sir William’s comparatively rare writings have been unearthed which most certainly indicate how strong the impact of Churchward’s forward thinking was in his design approach throughout his life, particularly on the LMS.

His travels were extensive in the latter part of his life, with much of the journeying being to the USA and India. Detailed accounts of these foreign trips have been included to show how wide his influence became within the worldwide railway sphere.

A5 format, 168 pages, more than 150 illustrations.

Sir William Stanier - A New Biography

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