Stenlake Publishing - Vauxhalls Come to the Port

Vauxhalls come to The Port

Author : Bill Thacker
ISBN : 9781840335231
Cover : paperback
Price : £13.95

A timely, well written and beautifully illustrated history of the development of Hooton Park, Cheshire into the famous Ellesmere Port Plant of Vauxhall Motors Ltd. Iconic photographs and poster art from the early 1900s, personal biographies and internal memos all help to tell the story from its inception, through the boom years of the 60s and 70, right up to the shock of GM's Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the 2009 recession. This is the definitive ‘inside story’ as told by Bill Thacker, who began work at the plant in 1962. While working as a volunteer in the Cheshire Records office in 2008 Bill came across the planning applications for the original Vauxhall plant and recognised an opportunity to document its history. A must-have book for anyone with a connection to Vauxhall or an interest in an important part of British motoring history.

Vauxhalls come to The Port

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