Stenlake Publishing - Stonehenge – Myth, Mystery and Fog

Stonehenge - Myth, Mystery and Fog

Author : Pamela E. Apkarian-Russell
ISBN : 9781840334333
Cover : paperback
Price : £7.99

Stonehenge has been the subject of more conjecture and debate than almost any other ancient site in the world. Who built it and for what purpose has baffled scholars and spurred them to ever closer and more in-depth investigation year upon year. Was it a clock… a calendar… a monument to the dead? Was it perhaps all three, or possibly even something more sinister? Using photographs dating from the late Victorian period to the late 20th century, the author talks us through the various attempts at restoration, the years when the monument was surrounded by military activity during the First World War and the many ways that the stones have been enjoyed by visitors throughout the years; a thoughtful addition to the large collection of material about the site.

Stonehenge - Myth, Mystery and Fog

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