Stenlake Publishing - <i>Some true tales of</i> Murder in Kent!

Some true tales of Murder in Kent!

Author : J. P. Hollingsworth
ISBN : 9781840336641
Cover : paperback
Price : £10.95

A selection of the most interesting murders in the county of Kent between 1548 and 1929. The book begins with a ‘preface to murder’, a general history of the dark deed, a consideration of the legal aspects and then an in-depth look at capital punishment and other forms of justice. This is followed by a short chapter on the evolution of methods of crime detection. Then it’s on to the murders improper, starting with a seemingly open and shut case in Hoo St. Werburgh. The book contains the stories behind 29 murders from the infamous Brides in the Bath for the insurance to crimes of passion. Then there are the unsolved murders and those with unknown motives. There’s plenty for amateur sleuth to study in this collection of cold cases and calculating killers. Sadly the author died while the book was in preparation.

Some true tales of Murder in Kent!

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