Stenlake Publishing - Saltcoats Then and Now

Saltcoats Then and Now

Author : Hugh Maxwell
ISBN : 9781840338447
Cover : paperback
Price : £12.95

This Ayrshire town has its origins in the salt industry. By 1800 there were 2,000 inhabitants variously employed at the saltpans, the harbour, the ropework, and other industries. These were all in decline when the railway came in 1831. Over the next 130 years the town reinvented itself as a holiday destination for Glaswegians. At the height of its popularity in the 1950s the population had grown to 13,000 and by 1970 it reached 17,000. Today, following decades of decline as a resort, the town is back to having 13,000 folk again. In terms of how the town looks this has resulted in lots of change – hence this book which shows Saltcoats in its heyday, mobbed but still couthy – just the way the Glasgow folk liked it. The modern-day photographs are by the author and demonstrate that Saltcoats is still an attractive place to visit.

Saltcoats Then and Now

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