Stenlake Publishing - Recollections of Paisley

Recollections of Paisley

Author : Donald Malcolm
ISBN : 9781840336429
Cover : paperback
Price : £11.95

The Royal Highland Show came back to Paisley in 1950 taking up 60 acres in all with an additional 45 acres set aside for parking! The postcard shows a variety of livestock and the local paper described the scene as ‘Flowers, flowers everywhere, while flags, streamers and banners fluttered aloft’. This collection of Edwardian, Victorian and early 20th century photographs shows the changes wrought across the town during that period as the industrial landscape changed, bustled and then gradually disappeared leaving echoes of grandeur in the streets of the town. Here also is one of the many statues of Robert Burns in the West of Scotland. Situated in the Fountain Gardens, this one was designed by F.W. Pomeroy. Dominating the river scape are the architecturally impressive buildings of Clark's Thread Mills

Recollections of Paisley

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