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On the Footplate at Bushbury, 1947-1962 – An Engineman’s Tale

Author : Keith Terry
ISBN : 9780853616498
Cover : paperback
Price : £13.95

This autobiography, based at the former LNWR shed at Bushbury near Wolverhampton, will bring back the many nostalgic memories of all those who worked with steam locomotives between the late 1940s and 1960s. This book takes us through the dirt and ash of the lowly ‘bar lad’s’ lot, to the pinnacle of the footplateman’s dream and ambition, to become, finally, qualified as a driver. Keith succeeded in attaining this. His ‘tale’ unashamedly reveals his own self-confessed weaknesses along the way, as he strove after the ideal and the standard that he set for himself. We also get a glimpse of his psyche, which often reveals a stubbornness, which teetered on the brink of belligerence at times, and his dislike of official interference, but most of the all this book is the story of the author’s love for railway and trains in general, steam engines in particular.

On the way we look at the structure and anatomy of the steam railway locomotive, from the footlplateman’s viewpoint. The merits, or otherwise, of the different classes of engines upon which the author worked are discussed. Keith recalls anecdotes of events and incidents that occurred along the way, and describes the few years he spent trainspotting in his boyhood.

A5 format, 224 pages, 95 illustrations.

On the Footplate at Bushbury, 1947-1962 – An Engineman’s Tale
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