Stenlake Publishing - Old Sanquhar

Old Sanquhar

Author : Bob McGavin & Duncan Close
ISBN : 9781840330274
Cover : paperback
Price : £10.95

First published in 1998 this book has not been available for 13 years and is back due to public demand as the old saying goes. The town is even older, being very old, so much so that even the Celtic name for it means ‘old place’. In the typical Stenlake format the book combines potted history with a nostalgic romp around the town and its environs in old photographs. As well as the Roman wall and the town’s streets there are people pictures too – the workforce of Cott’s Forge, coal miners, bus drivers with their vehicles, the Sanquhar detachment of the KOSB, curling, golf, the laundry and more.

Old Sanquhar

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