Stenlake Publishing - Old Harrogate

Old Harrogate

Author : Paul Chrystal
ISBN : 9781840339611
Cover : paperback
Price : £11.95

Harrogate in Yorkshire is a fine and elegant spa town described as ‘the Mecca of the Ailing, the Playground of the Robust’! In this book, the author has gathered some excellent social history photographs to highlight lesser-known aspects of Harrogate. There are orphans in St. George’s House, the day in 1956 when a train left its tracks to go through a window on Nidd Vale Terrace, patients photographed in the Royal Bath Hospital, Brayshaw’s Confectionery van, James R. Ogden’s jewellers shop, the Postmen’s Band and the Temperance Prize Band, a monoplane on Harrogate Stray and more.

Old Harrogate

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