Stenlake Publishing - Old Earlston

Old Earlston

Author : Raymond Hood
ISBN : 9781840338416
Cover : paperback
Price : £10.95

This Berwickshire small town dates back probably to the 12th century, closely followed by its most famous son, the 13th century Thomas the Rhymer famous for his poetry and prophecies made as a consequence of his seven-year abduction by the Fairy Queen to Elfland. By the 17th and 18th centuries Earlston was more rooted in the world we know, gently industrialising with various mills starting. Road improvements followed as did the railway, in 1863, and then a weekly grain market commenced. The picture selection in the book shows a prosperous Earlston as it was before the First World War with its railway station (long closed) and streets with just a few pedestrians and the odd horse and cart. Photos outwith the town include Rhymer’s Tower, Rhymer’s Mill, Carolside House and Redpath village. Detailed and informative captions accompany the photos.

Old Earlston

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