Stenlake Publishing - Old Bute

Old Bute

Author : Graham Twaddle
ISBN : 9781840330991
Cover : paperback
Price : £11.95

Old Bute is one of an increasing number of books we've published in association with local museums, and this has given us access to an even wider range of interesting pictures than usual. As you'd expect the old streets and shops feature prominently, but there are also interior shots of the Rothesay Steam Laundry and the print room of The Buteman, plus a photograph of Andrew Baird's home-made aeroplane. Bute's distinctive trams shuttle to and fro between Rothesay and Ettrick Bay, while Ardbeg, Port Bannatyne, Kerrycroy, Kilchattan Bay – and even the island of Inchmarnock – are also included in the book.

Old Bute

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