Stenlake Publishing - Old Bexhill

Old Bexhill

Author : Charles Kaye
ISBN : 9781840331882
Cover : paperback
Price : £7.50

Bexhill was once a popular holiday resort and many photographs here show the town in its Edwardian heyday. The Old Town, the Manor House (demolished in the 1960s), Ancaster House School, St Mary's School, Sea Road, the Kursaal and the Marine Hotel are among the locations included. Elsewhere there's the famous De La Warr Pavilion, a picture of the UK's first motor racing trials (held in Bexhill in 1902), the outdoor swimming pool in Egerton Park and members of the Canadian Army photographed at the trench warfare school near Cooden Drive during the First World War. Little Common, Sidley and Cooden are featured too.

Old Bexhill

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