Stenlake Publishing - Old Bearsden

Old Bearsden

Author : William M McKinlay and Ian B Hamilton
ISBN : 9781840330113
Cover : paperback
Price : £11.95

The douce Glasgow suburb is amply covered in this volume. While much of Bearsden has not changed and retains its gentle pace of life, also included here are pictures of buildings and landmarks demolished during the twentieth century, such as the Old Coach House, Garscube House, New Kilpatrick United Presbyterian Church (the Luftwaffe helped with its destruction), the Old School and the 'New School'. Besides the expected Douglas Place, Roman Road and Canniesburn Toll etc. there are views of Drewsteignton Home School, Buchanan Retreat, Mains, the shops at Kessington in the 1920s, Killermont Golf Course ... and more! You won't be disappointed!

Old Bearsden

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