Stenlake Publishing - Old Balmedie and Belhelvie Parish

Old Balmedie and Belhelvie Parish

Author : Rosie Nicol
ISBN : 9781840339512
Cover : paperback
Price : £11.95

Belhelvie is a country parish bounded by the sea directly north of Aberdeen. Before North Sea Oil, it was characterised by farming, fishing, quarrying, clay working and all the stock trades of rural life. In 1870 the parish was divided up into a baker’s dozen estates, and despite some subsequent housebuilding, most people worked for these estates in one form or another. The front cover photograph sums up the parish – people worked hard and had plenty to do while life went on without significant changes. Most of the images in the book reflect this industrious rural lifestyle. However, there was industry here also, such as the Belhelvie Quarry, which is described and illustrated, and similarly the Seaton Brick and Tile Works at Strabathie. Today the parish settlements are much grown, and the book is a record of life here before that.

Old Balmedie and Belhelvie Parish

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