Stenlake Publishing - Mons Meg – a symbol of Scotland

Mons Meg – a symbol of Scotland

Author : Peter Lead
ISBN : 9781840339208
Cover : paperback
Price : £11.95

Mons Meg, the large artillery piece on the front cover of the book, is a symbol of Scotland, having arrived here in 1457 although actually made near Mons in Flanders. For most of her life she has been domiciled at Edinburgh Castle. In 1754, having been classed as an ‘unserviceable’ cannon she was taken away to London, but during her exile it was said that ‘Scotland would never be Scotland again until Mons Meg came hame.&rsquo In London she became a tourist attraction in the Tower and despite having come back to Scotland in 1828, Mons Meg officially remains part of the Armouries Collection. In 1842 a young Queen Victoria visited Edinburgh Castle and minutely inspected Mons Meg and the cannon consequently became a must-view tourist attraction.

Mons Meg – a symbol of Scotland

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